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An Honest Chat with The Financial Diet financial diet

An Honest Chat with The Financial Diet Finding common ground in big financial decisions and societal pressures. Just Engaged?? Start HERE!

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An Honest Chat with The Financial Diet

An Honest Chat with The Financial Diet

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An Honest Chat with The Financial Diet
financial diet
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28 thoughts on “An Honest Chat with The Financial Diet financial diet”

  1. I love your guys as response and respect you both. Oath. The one channel I can't watch that often because she just goes so worthy and goes on and on and on but I do like her channel. I love you And all your wedding help.Wish the master plan was there for me more when I got married last year.

  2. Who gives or loans money to someone, least of all for a wedding, and then attempts to tell them what they can and can’t do with it? Oh yeah, losers. Just be cool about money. You have it you give it, you need it you take it.

  3. I'm here after seeing the TFD side. I appreciate this sort of discussion. I have been in a committed relationship for 14 years and neither of us have any desire to get married/do a wedding. After the '$100/person' commentary, I really have no desire to. I wouldn't even spend that on myself, much less any one else. I have no desire to plan a wedding. I have no desire to be in a wedding. I genuinely don't get the appeal or why it's so important to people. But I appreciate the topic and love how happy it makes the people I care about to get married and have a wedding.

  4. My husband and I spent about $30k on everything for our wedding (dress, venues,rings) we honestly didn’t think it would prices rack up. Luckily we were renovating our first home so we weren’t tempted to spend money on useless wedding stuff. I also know someone who’s spent 30k on a just a reception venue lol…

  5. I actually did set up a wedding savings account! 2 years before our wedding, with an auto transfer of $250 a month. It really helped with the financial burden to spread it out, especially since we paid for almost everything ourselves. (But also we are having a tiny wedding and our budget is far below average!)

  6. Came over from the financial diet! Love this real talk. I've never wanted a wedding and I talked with my s.o. and we both feel the same. We would rather go on a trip abroad together ❤ I've heard many people regret the things they were pressured into regarding their wedding, and we've recieved some of that pressure too. Its sucks to recieve it, but I'm trying not to let it change our mind. It's not an expense I want to make just to make them happy.

  7. Do as one(1) large deposit CD(like maybe 18 months) and then when you get closer change it over to a Money Market Account. NEVER withdraw before maturity- hence don't do a long term CD. A higher deposit (what you deposit) will often bump you into a higher interest rate or it may be tiered where anything over a certain amount earns more. Plus just basic math due to compounding. Get that higher interest rate baby!

    Also-sometimes a bank will offer a higher rate for customer loyalty, so blanket advice to open somewhere else is not sound. Shop around. Most CDs you have to wait until maturity to add to, but I've seen exceptions and always look at compounding frequency,

  8. Personally I would always suggest choosing the honeymoon over a wedding. It's generally cheaper and it's always great to go on vacation. (Before anyone asks I eloped.)

  9. I'm a fan of both of you, and I felt there were limits and flaws to both of your original videos, things in your discourses that needed to be nuanced and so it makes me so SO happy to see you both have a more in depth personal conversation about this! Thank you both for educating me so much and for being good role models for an open mature conversations ❤

  10. We are waiting to get married 12 years into our relationship with a 4 year engagement. We made sure that financially we would be okay for housing and bills. Months to a year of security. This was our priority. The house was also a fiscal priority. As well as ensuring family financial planning. A wedding will not jeopardize our financial security and successes.

  11. Love this! As a TFD fan, glad to see Chelsea get a chance to explain (and called out a bit) and for there not to be reaction video on reaction video

  12. Been watching both channels for years and now watching them come together is such a treat! Such dignified, respectable, women coming together to have an open conversation instead of going back and forth creating drama for clicks.

  13. As a bride who did everything DIY my biggest advice is plan way further ahead than you think is necessary. My friends thought I was crazy that I ironed my napkins 4 months in advance in a cute design. But you do not want to do that the week or the day of the wedding. Those things take so much time.

  14. There is so much to be learned from how you managed this situation, both in spaces like YouTube and in life in general.
    Also, I didn't realize how useful this video would be to me personally. It answered a lot of questions I've been having.
    Congratulations on your collaboration!! We need more of this!!

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