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Home » China's Race to the Top: A History of Economic Growth financial growth

China's Race to the Top: A History of Economic Growth financial growth

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An excerpt from Great Decisions 2018 “China: The New Silk Road.” This excerpt features Nicholas Kristof, Walter Russell Mead, Pat Buchanan, John Frisbie, Brian Eyler, Alexis Crow, and Max Baucus.

Narrated by Academy Award nominated actor David Strathairn and featuring the most important voices in international affairs, Great Decisions in Foreign Policy brings you eight half-hour documentaries, each tackling a different foreign policy challenge facing America today. .

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China's Race to the Top: A History of Economic Growth

China's Race to the Top: A History of Economic Growth

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China's Race to the Top: A History of Economic Growth
financial growth
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38 thoughts on “China's Race to the Top: A History of Economic Growth financial growth”

  1. Wow, their enslavement of Cambodians during the Khmer rouge regime between 1975-1978, wherein Cambodian crops were primarily exported to China, really paid off. Cambodians shouldn't have to owe anything to China for building skyscrapers in major cities China plans to inherit if their loans cannot be paid.

  2. Well Said >>> TODAY in the 21st century THAT "coloniasm/imperialism/interventionism still exist in the name of democracy/capitalism in the western world " A SAD part of the story !!!

  3. Why the necessity to compare growth? When each nation should be left to progress within its means. The so-called US per capital appears to be huge if made available in an Asian scenario but appears to be inadequate to sustain a normal living over there. As a matter of fact, each society should be valued by the basic public amenities available within its environment especially with regard to sanitary hygiene of its population. Such facilities could be enjoyed by all its citizens whereas poor public facilities do not contribute to the welfare of the general public. In this respect, China investment in transport infrastructure will certainly impact the overall improvement of her people.

  4. 2050 looks good to this Trumpster. But first Trump.

    Trump? I am a Trumpster and I know exactly why and how he won. First and foremost he drives exactly all the right people barking dog mad. That and one Supreme Court nomination was all I ever wanted. How? Because we do not have a parliamentary system.

    Interestingly, me and other Trumpster now discuss whether Brennan (former head of CIA) will get 3-5 with time off for good behavior or get away with little more then historical disgrace.

    Besides, we now can take advantage of:
    Golden Age 2050

    1) Only India and USA have adequate demographics for 2050. (see charts a-d below) USA is one of the few places that can incorporate immigration – if we are not swamped out first as was Rome.
    Further, we will not soon lose the higher education system where every genius wants to go.

    2) China is a status quo power because of demographics and 800 million people who do not live in either a tier one or tier two city. (see chart d below)

    3) USA now has more hydrocarbons than god. Both energy (natural gas) and industrial feed stocks (natural gas) are both plentiful and cheap. Natural gas is a byproduct of oil fracking and will continue to be flared until pipes are installed. Peter Ziehan on hydrocarbons and demographics (1 hr)

    a) Industrial world fertility rate bar graph (2.1 is replacement).

    b) Japan, China USA population pyramids

    c) India population pyramid.

    d) China population by city tier.
    (slow load?)

  5. The Chinese people of HK is fighting back and rise their voice. We have family to feed and kids and parent.

    The Fact, the HK pro=poop-doomed movement is been scapegoat by Gweilo it own selfish importance self hatred fascist its your own enemies inside your bone.While Joshua Wong, Denise Ho, Nathan Law, Alice Chen, Agnes Chan and many other leader. They in a million $ apartment while your entire family in cages a coffin wait for you.

    HK importance is a jokes of the century against CCP of China the world superiority and superpower military and its own China technology. A three years old will ask why you so dumb. To be scapegoat in the front line on your own mama women, family and the entire nation expenses. Beijing send in PLA to invades HK the entire world cannot do anything. You kidding us defo will not going to dies for your HK poop-doomded movement a traitors. the fact.

    Hong Kong I need to feed my children

  6. The people in PRC , by and large, does not have the capacity for critical thinking. Very few of them ever heard of critical thinking, not to mention learning how to think critically. So just because they are growing economically, it does not mean anything to mankind on earth. Hence we are seeing what we see in china: autocratic strongmen government. Economic growth doesn't mean anything when their minds are not actually rich, just their wallets.

  7. When you control the People, you can control everything.China never will control anything but the Mainland People that are too stupid to think for themselves and like being controlled.

  8. Now it is 2019 – China is the BEST in the world. Apart from Beijing and HK (which are political and sad!), rest of China is amazing! Each city and town has its own uniqueness, architecture, food, and extremely friendly and hardworking people! The rural areas are also beautiful! Go to Huangshan mountains, or Szechuan villages, air is SUPER fresh!

  9. China's growth in the past 30 years has been less impressive than its growth under Mao.
    According to data provided by the World Bank, expressed at constant prices (base 1980) and in ten-year averages, China’s economic growth rate was 6.8 percent between 1970 and 1979, i.e., more than double that of the United States during the same period (3.2 percent, also at 1980 constant prices).4 Furthermore, according to the official GDP series published by China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) since its creation in 1952 up until today, the growth rate of China’s GDP averaged 8.3 percent annually from 1952 to 2015, with a strong 6.3 percent between 1952 and 1978 and an even stronger 9.9 percent between 1979 and 2015. These percentages are expressed at constant prices in base 1952 and standardized to take into account the statistical breaks that marked the accounting transition from the Material Product System (MPS) to the more “modern” System of National Accounts (SNA).5 Nevertheless, if we exclude the very first years of the People’s Republic from 1952 to 1962—i.e., between the completion of the unification of the continental territory and the period of the break with the Soviet Union—there is a recorded average of 8.2 percent per annum GDP growth rate in the period of 1963–78, reflecting very rapid growth even during the Cultural Revolution.[Development Indicators (Washington, DC: World Bank, various years)
    China Statistical Yearbook (Beijing: National Bureau of Statistics of China, various years),

    Between 1945 and 1974, Mao's leadership achieved the following:

    doubled China’s population from 542 million to 956 million
    doubled life expectancy
    doubled caloric intake
    quintupled GDP
    quadrupled literacy
    increased grain production three hundred percent
    increased gross industrial output forty-fold
    increased heavy industry ninety-fold.
    increased rail lineage 266 percent
    increased passenger train traffic from 102,970,000 passengers to 814,910,000.
    increased rail freight tonnage two thousand percent
    increased the road network one thousand percent.
    increased steel production from zero to thirty-five MMT/year
    Increased industry’s contribution to China’s net material product from twenty-three percent to fifty-four percent.

  10. 0:35 asshole, in the Industrial Revolution everything had to be invented and developed. China simply stole these inventions and other intellectual properties through lopsided business arrangements , hence the exponential economic boom you are witnessing in china!

  11. Western companies are already leaving China to relocate their production factory plants in other countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and others. If the west did this in the first place decades ago China Mainland would still be backwards dirty poor like riding bicycles instead of driving cars.

    Well now that the west has painfully learned from its mistake (Which is Never Help The Mainland Chinese in Beijing) it is time to let Mainland China rot and starve with potential famines and dry drought. India Chennai is already expanding a drought and scientists predict India will be empty of all water by 2020; I.e. China Mainland will experience the same dilemma. All those starving myths cannot be fed by momma bird, China is so weak right now that is playing poker so hard, pretending to be strong when Mainland Beijing Chinese people are dropping like flies. Good time to place a tariff don't you think?

    Never help the Mainland Beijing Chinese because they will steal Corporate and military trade affects from you, send obnoxious and noisy dirty university students into your country, and cause disturbances on campus and dormitories. Learn, learn, learn.

    Please support Hong Kong to alleviate these differences. May the English British flag fly high above Hong Kong.

  12. A rising Chinese communist has murdered eighty million innocent lives and more than a billion
    Chinese are tools of evil communist regime . If you still consider you are a human being you wouldn’t work for the Chi-con. P Hsu

  13. China, the great world power, is a contrived Deep State creation. They did not make all that money with fair trade deals. It was all spoon fed to them by the corporate globalists whose intent was to make China the next great world power that they could use to control the world. China is run like a huge corporation, with the Communist party serving as a board of Directors would a huge corporation. I ask you, is there any democracy in any of the corporations you are aware of? Heck no, it’s all command and control!!

    These same corporate globalist/bad guys created modern China after WWII. Yes, they installed Mao Tse Tung in power by Secretary of State George Marshall's curtailing of military support for Chiang Kai Chek, allowing Stalin to supply Mao with lots of military equipment and logistical supplies that the U.S. gave the Soviet Union during WWII.

    Trump has really thrown a monkey wrench into that agenda. China will soon begin to unravel with all its slave labor and unfair practices/authoritarian governance at home, and do not forget the mobile execution vans that execute folks for politically incorrect stances and then harvest their organs to be sold on the world market!!

    By the way the price of buying an exit visa to migrate to the U.S. from China is $60,000. Is that what great powers do? The rest of the world and I do NOT think so!

  14. Westerners will never understand the Chinese unless the westerner is born of being the Chinese. And China will not be the top from the history as told from 史记 "Records of the Grand Historian". They will not be the top no matter how, why? They killed among their peers to be the top dynasty in their own dynasty. I praise the Tang Dynasty but not the current CCP Culture. The current culture is not Chinese Culture, is the Communist Culture they have been practiced for past 60 years. And they are now to convince the world that this is the real Chinese culture. Anyway, this is how the Chinese has been practiced. Current authority will want to cover bad history but at the same time, accuse the Japanese to acknowledge Nanjing Massacre. I believe all countries leadership will practice the same kind of political culture which is called "POWER".

  15. People are always underestimating the Chinese…and it has worked well for them, time and again. And they know this. They keep telling their own citizens, we're not good enough, America and all these other countries are so great. While in America, the opposite happens.

  16. Depends on the total volume per growth, if the current total volume is 100 percent now is 1000 percent 10 years ago, what that percent tells you!? Don't be blinded by only numbers, all effort comes from total accumulation of work by people and company.

  17. There are a lot of problems in China, and there are a lot of problems in US, too. However, the difference is that China get problems fixed with actions. In US, we just talk about it and debate about the issues, but no actions because we have too many voices, opinions, conflicts interests, etc. Nothing can get it done.

  18. No one can stop God work ,China rich it done by God , because theirs country is not an stolen country, they are not a slave master ,God rise them up, they will be bless no one can stop that except God.

  19. China is growing citizens quality of life gets better and better. The USA has watched the Oligarchs and Corporatist take all the benefits and the quality of life is falling for you and me. Maybe we should learn to share the wealth and invest in our country, instead of watching the Oligarchs and Corporatist invest outside the USA.

  20. You got know if you Europe & USA don’t open factories & warehouse in China _ you rich people are putting companies in China because Chinese are cheaper labor you are putting to working & don’t lies to people!!! This is why China economy is growing, also every people in got jobs!!!! When they have been more job openings in China you said Chinese took a money & economy I think you trying to hires cheap labor & didn’t trying to paid taxes!!!!

  21. The fate of estimated up to one million people is unknown and most of the detainees’ families have been kept in the dark. China has intensified its campaign of mass internment, intrusive surveillance, political indoctrination and forced cultural assimilation against the region’s Uighurs, Kazakhs and other predominantly Muslim ethnic groups. Amnesty International has interviewed more than 100 people outside of China whose relatives in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (XUAR) are still missing, as well as individuals who said they were tortured while in detention camps there.

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