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Home » How to use Money in Excel financial goals worksheet

How to use Money in Excel financial goals worksheet

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to manage your finances directly in Microsoft Excel using the new Money in Excel template add-in made by Microsoft.

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How to use Money in Excel

How to use Money in Excel

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How to use Money in Excel
financial goals worksheet
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46 thoughts on “How to use Money in Excel financial goals worksheet”

  1. Can you enter future planned transactions so you can see your estimated account balance in the future? I do that all the time with MONEY Sunset edition that I have been using for many years.

  2. Money in Excel…I have savings and checking (separate accounts) at banking institution; excel does not identify the savings from checking on the account tab…how do I accomplish this? Synced through PLAID successfully.

  3. I added my bank successfully, according to the program, but my bank date is not entering into the form. I only get a sync button which seems to work but I never get an update button. As far as I'm concerned, Money in Excel does not work. It's useless to me.

  4. Hello Kevin, My checking, savings, and mtg. are in the same bank. All come into cash account. How do I put the MTG. in the loan account? Now I loaded the checking and savings only.

  5. Kevin – I got really excited when I saw the title – that is because I have been using the old Microsoft Money for may years, and have a great deal of financial data held in the application. I have been crossing my fingers every time there is a new OS to hope that it still runs, and so far it does. I hoped that in some way this could import my old Money data – seems not. Oh well!!

    I know that I should swap to current application, but I really do not want to re-learn a new application. I will have to do it at some time

  6. I had tried before to set this up, but I gave up. I just set it up, but now I need to adjust the amount of cash I have. How can I do that? Also, how can I show the balance after every transaction?

  7. Does anyone knows when would this be available in Panamá? Besides, I don't know if it's a bug or what but when I try to select subcategories I'm just able to see up to 5 on the drop-down list, even if that category has more than 5 subs.

  8. Barely helpful video. This just goes over the most basic information that I figured out just by using the program. Like really? How to get money on Excel? How to connect an account? This is baby information anyone could figure out. I was hoping you'd go in depth on how to properly use this software and its money feature seeing as how its so confusing and unintuitive.

  9. I have personal microsoft office paid version and i see the money in excel add on and everything but if i sign in it doesnt do anything. It just stays there on the right side that sign in. Password etc are all right. Why doesnt it logg in ? It doesnt even send me a error message or nothing.

  10. So….is that a disclaimer – "I work for MS"? Are you saying that this is an official, sanctioned MS video? Otherwise why mention it?

  11. Unique Scenario: I get some cash from my dad as a pocket money once in awhile and I spend it on different stuff.

    How can I add those transactions under my expenses?

  12. Hi Kevin, it looks like you left MSFT but wondering how to upload a csv as Capitol 1 accounts still don't sync. I tried but it looks like I have to be much more proficient at Queries. Not sure. Can you point me in the right direction for an additional tutorial? Thanks!

  13. good intro, i tried and works for Bank of America… however when i try my americanexpress credit card account, i get "Something went wrong"… Any pointers to help fix this?

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  15. Question. I just received an email about this feature because of my subscription to MS365. I shared the account with my wife. If I create a money spreadsheet will she be able to see/edit it as well?

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