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Home » My new book was a financial disaster. What happened? financial book

My new book was a financial disaster. What happened? financial book

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My new book was a financial disaster. What happened?

My new book was a financial disaster. What happened?

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My new book was a financial disaster. What happened?
financial book
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49 thoughts on “My new book was a financial disaster. What happened? financial book”

  1. Before publishing the book, maybe the videos could be test balloons to gauge interest, along with the comments and statistics from youtube studio.

    Harping on subscribers count to gauge potential sales in a book is not exactly a bright idea… given how the subscribe model in youtube works. A lot of subscribers might not even view a channel's videos in a long time.

  2. I am surprised that you neglected one of the two pillars of business: sales. I mean, if you ask yourself why authors want to get properly published, the answer is sales. So, your marketing was rubbish. Less important, but also contributing to the failure, are the price ($13 is too much) and the word "by" on the cover, which makes the book look like a high-school project. bw

  3. Building hype would have helped, when you dropped the video and with that title it felt kind of like using grandmas book as youtube content and not something you spent a year on

  4. Sorry Austin
    didnt know you wrote that book (somehow missed that)

    Also I dont read so
    Kinda a hard sell.

    Maybe I'll start with this lol.

  5. Big mistake assuming you have an active audience of 1.1mil.
    This video came out Aug 3'rd, it's Sep 21st as I comment.

    You have 251,812 views
    23k likes, and 343 dislikes

    You clearly do NOT have 1.1 MILLION fans lol. I'm sorry bud, love your work but this is a terrible mindset I would expect a pro like you to understand. Subscribers are not all active fans.

    You, at best, seem to have roughly 250k "fans" however I think that's a hard stretch. you have about 2,500 of them (comments) which is one of the most important metrics for a channel in terms of sales conversions.

    You could have 100 million subs, 10 million likes, and 1 million comments. If you think you have 100 million fans you'd be delusional.

    1% of 2,500 is about 25. Twenty Five. In my opinion, what's "realistic" is to expect maybe 100-250 to buy. I haven't finished yet, I will be curious to see the number. Also, your fans are film buffs on average. Buying a book isn't exactly what your viewers came here for.

    If you sold 100 copies I'd consider that a success. But your mindset is oddly unprofessional and naive. Not trying to be mean. I don't understand how someone with so much experience made such a huge mistake! You're awesome! This caught me off guard big time!

  6. Why don't you just try to reach the right people instead of now having the wrong people buy it out of pity? Most of your male viewers will have sisters, girlfriends etc., who might be looking for new books and maybe like it and you could also try to promote your book via literature blogs or whatever and even make a video about that, having an opportunity for additional content! Lol

  7. Why do people have to complain? The title is legit from the grandmas first draft and most of yall probably havent even read the book, cmon

  8. If I was in your place I'd chose to make 500 copies to see how it goes. If it goes well and you make a profit you make more copies! I don't know if it would be a good choice though it's just what I would do

  9. I think the fact you didn’t clue in your audience in the earlier stages is where you messed up, peoples comments about their thoughts on the project seems like extremely useful criticism. It’s a shame you didn’t have this before spending the 2K on cover art and formatting, that seems like the stuff that could have changed your sales target. Not to mention what you said, building hype.

  10. $896.42 to date!
    Just bought one to kick you over $900. Pretty sure I won't be only one. You'll need to post a royalties follow up to assess the impact of this vid

  11. I honestly did see the video recommendation of the book but I didn't click on it… can only blame YouTube for turning our brains into dopamine addicts that will only click on something that will blow what's left of our minds.

  12. > the myth of a writer making a masterpiece all on his own has been completely shattered
    i personally don't agree with this:
    – formatting/preparing for print/art? that's publishing*, not *writing
    – re: character inconsistencies/pacing issues… rather than "can't" it's more that it's… less feasible. imo there are a few ways around it
    – experience. tons of experience. enough that you can see the problems coming before they happen and correct your course
    – patience. you're gonna have to read your own work over and over and over again, and… i think it's quite easy to get burnt out if you really wanted to do that.
    – perspective. (this is hard!) you have to have the perspective of a reader that doesn't have a complete mental model (imagery and the like i guess) of the story, and the same interpretation of sentences as you do

    disclaimer: i don't write (ever) so i may be wrong. i just like nitpicking for no reason at all

  13. I think you made a really good point in saying that you had an audience, but not exactly a target audience. I respect that you pushed through and made this project happen even though it didn't turn out great.
    I'm definitely not a professional (like nobody should be taking publishing advice from a fifteen year old), but I do think that your issue was with marketing rather than product.
    I would have bought the book if I wasn't a broke teenager!

  14. 05:44 "I am a man of few abilities." Maaan! That landed deeply at home.

    However, respect to you on how calmly you accept this and the fact that does not determine the effort you put to accomplish the things you run after.

  15. I'm sorry your book didn't do well dude, but I don't think the appropriate response is to conclude that 'good books are written in collaboration like any other creative endeavour'. That's patently nonsense. Sure, maybe an author will have someone read their book and suggest edits, but I don't think a good editor is what separates you and a good author.

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