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Very Useful DIY Gadget For You technology gadget

Hello friends, This is very useful gadget for your electronics components. You can check many type of electronics components, such as Resistor, Capacitor, Transistor, Mosfet, Diode, LED, Triac etc. Follow all the step and male your own components tester.

Diagram and code:

Arduino Nano :
16×2 I2C LCD Panel :
Female Header Pin :
TP-4056 Charging Module :
MT-3608 Boost Converter :
SPST Switch :

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Very Useful DIY Gadget For You

Very Useful DIY Gadget For You

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Very Useful DIY Gadget For You
technology gadget
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49 thoughts on “Very Useful DIY Gadget For You technology gadget”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful project

    I tried the project and found some errors in it, without placing the component it appears to you extensively. Is it possible to solve this problem and I want to program each component?

  2. Well done, nice sharing. Does the zener diode measure voltage in this project? If not, how can we measure the voltage of the zener diode with this application?

  3. Excellent make and clear presentation. Thanks for giving wonderful gadgets for Electronic lovers. Could you please tell will this check coils and inductors

  4. when i upload ardunio nano gives error liquidCrystal_I2C.h:No such files or directory ..exit status 1

    LiquidCrystal_I2C.h: No such file or directory..what can i do ??

  5. I only have one problem with this video. You don't tell us where to download the code from, and I can't find it on your site either. The site just brings me back to this video! Other than that, interesting device. Please mention your source for the code at your site at least.

  6. Does line 1244 in the code need to be changed to "Component Tester"? (It shows "Componant Tester").
    Great build! Thanks and I will be trying this myself. There is something cool about having a piece of test equipment one has built ones self!

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  8. Outch, it hurts to watch these DIY; first glue with Superglue -no effect, so glue it with hot glue…
    Easy Tech; maybe it will be better, when u earn your money in a fastfood store, instead publish "DiY"-Videos..

  9. You need to take some measurements rather than using mounting tape. Also could have used that box cutter to carefully score and cut the plastic box rather than ruining you're work and a soldering iron tip.

  10. It could be a nice project BUT:
    If you're making a project for beginners, be sure that a beginner sees what to do in a proper way.
    – Like pre-tinning wires before smashing them in a hole and solder them
    – How a proper solder "blob" should look like
    And things like that.
    It's a 1 time mistake to show a wrong thing to a beginner who will emulate what he sees and get used to working that way, and once you get used, it's hard to go back.

    i know it's boring and time consuming, but it's well spent time.

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