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Home » What Coronavirus Means For Automation And The Future Of Jobs technology automation

What Coronavirus Means For Automation And The Future Of Jobs technology automation

From burger-flipping machines to car-building robots—not to mention high-powered software taking on more and more administrative tasks—it seems like …

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What Coronavirus Means For Automation And The Future Of Jobs

What Coronavirus Means For Automation And The Future Of Jobs

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What Coronavirus Means For Automation And The Future Of Jobs
technology automation
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42 thoughts on “What Coronavirus Means For Automation And The Future Of Jobs technology automation”

  1. Programming and robotics should be mandatory courses in primary school now. In the future each citizen should master at least 5-10 programming languages by the age of 18.

  2. I wish i was a baby boomer ….my dad worked at a oil rig , he was able to support a family, buy a house , retirement savings, pension, savings
    ME. Age 28 same job same company , i cant afford anything , no pension no benefits , i have nothing

  3. Jobs. That's the problem. Businesses make money by using workers as tools. When the tools are not human, the question is: does the model hold true any longer. Is employment the way to "earn" a living? Ideology is so deeply ingrained that to challenge this model is shocking. But not to challenge the model is to move to the breakdown of society. Patching up the old system is not feasible. Ideas, please.

  4. "A recent McKinsey study found that AI and Deep Learning could add as much as $3.5 trillion to $5.8 trillion in annual value for companies" This information is from 2018, i dont think many would put two years in the "recent" bucket…

  5. UBI may have some positive but long term it will trend towards inflation and human by nature will even out the gains and the village people inside the peoples will show and once again fall in poverty because they know no better.

  6. There is a glaring error of thought in the concept the people in this vid all claim is the solution: re-education. That is, that not all people CAN be re-educated into a higher job. It's not difficult to see that the more complex (aka; high) a job is, the more intelligent one has to be to successfully fill in that job. IQ is a VERY good indicator of success in the workplace, as many scientific studies have shown. By its very nature, an IQ of 100 is the median; meaning, half of the populace is under that, and the other half above. High paying jobs, like engineers, IT-consultants, etc. are often way ABOVE the average; usually around 120 or more. To think you can re-educate someone with an IQ of 80 to simply become as capable as someone with a high IQ – even assuming both put the same amount of hard work in it – is ludicrous, and acts more as a self-serving escape route for people on this vid, who then can claim automation is no problem, because everyone can re-educate. No. NOT everyone can re-educate. If it were that simple – applying that concept consistently – then even all mentally handicap persons with an IQ of 50 would be able to become a brain-surgeon. This is simply not true.

    Also: automation is NOT going to stop. Maybe 50% of the workforce will be up in the air in a couple of decades, but it's not like automation is going to stop in 2040. It will continue. And, eventually, even the "high paying" jobs will get automated. Sooner or later, a robot will be able to do everything (and more) than a human can, but better, more reliable and with lower cost. And sooner or later, AI will become so advanced, it will be as good or better than the average human. At that point…. what are you going to re-educate yourself to? How will you be sure if you re-educate yourself to a new job, that that job won't be taken over by automation by the time that you're re-educated? I repeat: automation will never stop. Ever.

    As an aside, this vid also didn't analyze the workforce as it is currently: the VAST majority of jobs now are in lower paid jobs, like driving trucks, etc.. Once self-driving and other menial tasks will be taken over by automation – not TOO far off, what are you going to do? Re-educate 70% of your workforce into engineers and the like, even IF one would assume all can be re-educated that way?

    A far better analysis of this can be found here: .

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  8. Automation will lay waste to the current economic model. No engineer is waking up each day working tirelessly to put more people to work. Automation is simply a reduction model called ephemeralization, which is essentially doing more with less and less to the point all waste has been removed. We are living in a time of the 'exponential' and many have no idea the speed with which this will impact them or their family. If the Mckinsey study is even close to right, then even 30, 40, or 60 million needing reskilling in just under ten years will make Covid look like a walk in the park. UBI could be the answer, but the way we continue to create money (that is already debt the moment it comes into existence) can no longer be tied down with interest. If we do not change our economic model we will live in a very strange bi-polar world where the few have everything. Our economic model is under further duress from extreme debt the world over and climate change, whether it is man-induced or not the chaotic nature will only intensify forcing change upon us. Automation, debt, and climate change are intensifying steadily, producing irrevocable feedback loops many keep ignoring, but very shortly it will be impossible to continue business as usual.

  9. instead of large corporations profiting from exponential growth in computer technologies and machinery the excess now goes to people so they can pursue their dreams instead of working menial jobs. We need more people who care about people to pursue humanitarian activities. Our society is at all time high in depression and personal dissatisfaction.

  10. I think a couple of these experts aren't thinking quite far enough, when it comes to the solutions they offer, and how far things are gonna go..
    Automation isn't something that's just gonna plateau after a decade of advancements or so.. It's gonna keep going, endlessly building on itself, and most tasks that humans consider "work" will always become automated. That leaves decision-making jobs, creative jobs, and things which we currently don't consider jobs, but are valuable to society/community/family.
    Re-educating people is a good idea, and it's easy to say.. But you can't re-educate a good chunk of the already adult work-force, many of which either aren't capable of, nor do they have any interest in, those higher-skill jobs. And for the rest you cAn put back into education.. They NEED a UBI, so they can focus on education, without falling into poverty or debt.
    Any of these experts that are claiming a UBI isn't feasible, haven't really done their homework on it.. There are plenty of plans that provide reasonable ways to pay for it, and the economic benefits will stimulate the economy, not stagnate it. Over the last several decades, we've seen that Trickle-down doesn't work, but if consumers have money to spend, that DOES stimulate the economy, and allows more small businesses to open. So UBI will help enable more of that, by ensuring more people have money to spend, even when they're 'struggling'. It's trickle-up and it actually works. lol

  11. What's use of UBI ,sit and eat free lunches? ,And who'll pay for that ? Why should the Govt pay for it, if the job losses were caused by private firms ?

  12. We absolutely want to see a tax on robotics. And we are a robotics company. I want to free humans through automation. We will have to change the way we think of paying people's salaries. Have more of an automated government would help as well. So many thing could be automated government as well. Taxes could auto file and be auto-paid. Vs deductions, each item we auto get whatever deductions.

  13. "reduce hours and give more free time" I heard the same B.S. when computers and cell phones came out. Only to have people working more at home and when in their vehicles. These lies will hurt millions of families, in the name of productivity?

  14. God hates people so makes them suffer in a body automation wont get rid of all suffering. passing a law against hate wont get rid of the pain either. God Hates Us All is the ninth studio album by American thrash metal band Slayer, released on September 11, 2001 the same day as the inside job attacks of jachin and boaz twin towers in newyork by American Recordings. It

  15. And so with nobody affording a roof over their head, or transport to work, or having kids or buying anything but essentials, how do these automated businesses survive? I think the answer is a Universal Wage. The government should fund it by cancelling all tax benefits for individuals and corporations and also taking 50% of all extra profits a company makes by automating.

  16. I’m not worried about this issue any more. AI has basically flopped. Reality has not lived up to expectations and it turns out that AI & robotics aren’t going to be replacing most of those jobs that we thought they were. Also, we’re seeing that AI & robotics are actually creating a good # of jobs & opportunities that didn’t exist before, and that trend is only accelerating.

  17. I have another solution, Stop giving tax breaks for companies that want to go full automation. If companies decide they want to fully automate Human labor let that come with a 75% tax premium of overall income on top of the Income tax bracket their already in.

    They can avoid this tax by either developing technologies that assist in Human Labor or if Automation is Achieved in one sector, said employees will be moved into another employment position with the same or more salary.

    That way future innovation will be incentivized to help the workers which will help consumers since they are also workers. It'll increase income and the future of our species.

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